Whitney’s Nutrition Story

“For the past two years I have watched the scale go up at a slow rate. Each time I would tell myself, “well as long as it’s not this weight”. Then I would find myself saying that even once I had reached the weight I told myself I would not get to. It finally reached a point where my clothes no longer fit, and I was not happy with myself. 

I joined MOVE 304 because I know that when I go to a gym alone or with a friend, I do not push myself hard enough. Joining group classes was the first change I made. Then I began the nutrition program with Jena. 

Nutrition coaching has helped me see that in the past that when I was doing diet after diet, I was not fueling my body properly.  Meeting with Jena has helped because she is keeping me accountable. We talk almost everyday, and she shows me healthier alternatives and encourages me even on my bad days.  When doing this program, we take weekly pictures to see our progress. I often find myself comparing my first picture with the most recent and looking at the improvements. It really helps me gain confidence to know that my hard work is not for nothing.

I started the nutrition because a coworker told me about her success at Move 304. One thing that Jena requested was to improve my water intake. I now have a coworker who is sticking with me and drinking her water daily as well. Drinking water has become the healthy habit that I now do consistently, along with eating more fruit.

The biggest thing I have learned since starting the nutrition program is that my body needs more than what I was giving it. I was so stuck on a certain number of calories that even though I thought I was being healthy I was doing the opposite.

If someone was thinking about starting the nutrition program at Move 304, I would say do it. You can work out all you want, but if you do not change the way you eat you will not see the results you want. We all want to see a quick fix, but that is not going to happen unless you do things right. Start now and do not wait two months before your beach trip, or four months before a wedding. Why should you wait to better yourself?”

Whitney came into Move 304 with an “all in” attitude and her progress shows just that. She shows up every day ready to learn, whether it is for group classes or meeting for nutrition. Setting small doable habits has been a huge success for her so far.  Her willingness to try and learn is the reason why I love what I do, and I can’t wait to see where she goes from here.” -Jena

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