Welcome to MOVE 304

Uncertain times push us to step back and re-evaluate the future. The unfortunate closure of the gym in March turned out to be a hidden chance for growth. As our doors closed, the window of opportunity opened to allow for building upgrades and repairs. The closure presented a break from the daily rush and the chance to re-align ourselves with the vision AHCF was built on.

At 27 years old, I walked into AHCF with no idea what to expect. I hoped to offer a fun, safe environment where everyone was important and NO ONE was left out. Ever. I wanted to give everyone the same opportunity that I had as an athlete in learning to love my body for what it could do and not hate it for how it looked. I wanted there to be such an emphasis placed on overall health that gimmicks, fast-tracks and brands full of empty promises were no longer appealing. Most of all, I wanted to show you that if you worked hard enough, you could do anything that you wanted to. Anything. 

Now, at 31, I am walking back into that same building with more knowledge, wisdom and experience. I am also walking back in with the passion and energy that our members deserve. While this season still holds uncertainty, I can assure you that the mission behind what we stand for hasn’t shifted. In fact, it is getting clearer. 

In refocusing our mission, I want to introduce MOVE 304 as your new home for functional fitness and lifelong health. MOVE 304 is centered on continuing the efforts of AHCF, while working to provide a better experience for its members. 

Are we are still offering group classes like we did before?


Will classes still be led by a coach?


So, why the change? 

Simply, put: we needed the change, and we needed our name to reflect it. 

We are setting out to provide our members with a more personal experience by reframing our name and brand. MOVE 304 will expand on our group offerings by adding personal training, skill sessions, small group training, nutrition coaching and more! Added accountability is the one key all of these programs have in common. We want to give you more support than you have ever had to help you achieve the things you want. 

MOVE 304 represents the rebirth of the original vision and the opportunity to bring it back to life. 

On a personal level, I can’t express how excited I am to bring MOVE 304 to our community. After almost three years of seeing what worked and what didn’t, I know deep inside that the relationships that we form in the gym far outweigh the workouts, shiny equipment or gold stars. By placing more emphasis on a personalized experience for each member, we hedge a stronger relationship and ultimately, a straighter path toward their goals. 

I am constantly reminded of the joy and gratitude that accompanies the start of a new chapter. We now have the chance to re-evaluate, refocus on our vision, and to take our current systems and make them better. If we hadn’t had to close our doors, this wouldn’t have been possible. 

Welcome to Move 304, friends.

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