Franny’s Fitness Story

“With everything going on this past year I found myself being the laziest that I had ever been. I worked out at other gyms and tried at home workouts, but those things never really lasted long. I was always interested in trying the workouts at MOVE 304 but made excuses such as not having the time, it being too hard and too pricey. I realized I wanted and needed to make some lifestyle changes, so when Move 304 opened back up I reached out to Taylor. Unfortunately, my work schedule doesn’t necessarily fit with their class schedule so we decided to try personal training. This route has worked great for me because not only was she able to pick a time that fit with my schedule but it also allows me to learn the moves with proper technique and be comfortable doing them.

A few nonscale victories that I have seen since starting have been being less short of breath when taking the stairs at work, my scrubs and clothes are not as tight, I’m becoming more flexible and I am also seeing improvements in certain exercises such as jumping rope and hanging. Not only do I have more energy, but I am making better choices like packing healthier lunches and ordering out less while at work. My coworkers are even trying out workouts that I tell them about.

Personal training has also helped me develop better lifestyle habits outside of the gym. I drink at least 60- 80 oz of water a day, and I have cut soda out of my diet. I am also working on getting 7 hours of sleep and doing 30 mins of exercise on days I am not in the gym. Another big change I have made is starting yoga at Wild Vinyasa Yoga Studio to help my flexibility!

I would tell anyone that is interested in personal training with Move 304 to definitely do it! Taylor is amazing! She scales the workouts for you, encourages you and pushes you when you feel like you are going to die and want to stop. Also, she helps you celebrate even the smallest achievements and makes you feel like you can do even the toughest workouts.”

Training with Franny the past two months has reminded me why I love what I do! Since we have started, she has worked consistently to transform her habits in and out of the gym. Her dedication speaks for itself as she’s dropped 3% body fat and added 3 pounds of muscle mass in her first 6 weeks. It has been so fun to watch her accomplishments during our workouts, but most of all, I have enjoyed watching her become more and more confident. She shows up, she always does what is asked of her, and she leaves with a smile. Over the next months of training, we are going to tackle some new goals with running and push-ups. I have no doubt she will exceed these just like she has the others. Great job, Franny! Thank you for letting MOVE 304 be part of your journey!


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