Committed to Clean

MOVE 304’s plan to keep our members safe, comfortable and healthy.

At MOVE 304, we know firsthand that exercise and nutrition are the strongest defense against illness and chronic disease. Our mission is to create a better tomorrow. To us, that means doing everything we can to provide a safe and healthy environment for our community today.

So, exactly what are we doing to keep our members healthy during the pandemic?

First, we’ve put out some heavy COVID- 19 guidelines.

Temperature checks, closed classes, limited memberships and increased hand washing are just some of the measures we have implemented in our facility. You can read our full COVID-19 Policy HERE.

We’re observing social distancing and providing individual cleaning supplies.

MOVE 304 has a ton of space to offer, and we are using it! Our athletes are asked to maintain a distance of 6ft apart at all times as directed by the CDC.

Each athlete at MOVE 304 also has his or her own cleaning materials. These materials include disinfectant spray, a clean towel and a marker and whiteboard. To protect our members, all supplies are sanitized and placed in individual caddies before classes.

The MOVE 304 staff is overseeing and enforcing cleaning protocols.

Our staff at MOVE 304 works to make sure that we all do our best in keeping the gym clean. Coaches offer frequent reminders to help our athletes stay aware of spacing and to keep equipment clean. As a team, we diligently disinfect athlete cleaning supplies, bathrooms and common surface (door handles, etc.) in between classes.

We also disinfect the gym thoroughly from top to bottom twice a week during our downtime from classes. From the floor mats to the storage racks, nothing is missed.

We are calling in the professionals.

We’ve partnered with Bacteria Busters of Buckhannon, WV, to treat the gym using a safe disinfection process each week. You can learn more about Bacteria Busters, dry mist disinfection and the solutions we will be using HERE.

We aren’t letting our guard down.

We’re okay with being “too clean”, and we plan to keep it that way.

Being the cleanest gym around has always been our “thing”.

Now, more than ever, we are committed to keeping it that way.

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