Coach Highlight: Taylor Foster

Long time, no see, huh? It turns out that a somewhat forced hiatus was a better thing than I could have imagined. The opportunity to step back, breathe and re-evaluate is one that we don’t often get in life. The hamster wheel I was running on prior to shut down has officially been disassembled. It has been both remarkable and, at times, heartbreaking to rediscover all there is to see, do and love on the outside of it. 

But now, I’m ready.

I’ve taken the time, done the hard work and had the tough conversations with myself and others. I have said before that things are so much clearer, and I mean it.  Moving forward, I intend to be fully connected to my purpose, and it is to help people live a happier, healthier life. The time I have taken to step back and reflect has helped not only to solidify what I want to do but also how to bring it to life. 

As a registered nurse, I’ve cared for numerous patients that suffered from chronic illnesses that were caused or aggravated by lack of exercise and poor nutrition. I watched people lose their quality of life to these illnesses. It wasn’t because they didn’t care. It was because they didn’t have the knowledge or accountability necessary to change their behaviors around food and activity. I want to help change that. I want a healthy lifestyle to no longer be an afterthought. 

As a fitness and nutrition coach, I’ve witnessed athletes that dedicate hours to their fitness and none to their nutrition and vice versa.  I’ve felt their disappointment as their goals and lifts plateau. I’ve watched many of them reach for quick fixes and supplements when small dietary or activity changes could’ve helped more. 

Just the same, I’ve seen the power of nutrition in its ability to take performance to the next level.  I’ve helped athletes stay properly fueled through their training, and I have seen the impact it made on game day.  I want every athlete to experience that power and to know how to find it through nutrition. 

As a woman that has spent 11 years battling and recovering from disordered eating, I know what it means to be controlled by food. After a great deal of reflection, therapy and some hard self-work, I now know what it feels like to be free. 

free from the pressures of the diet industry

free from the fads

free from comparison

free from restriction

and free from that voice that says, “good try, but you’re still not enough”. 

While my eating disorder will always be part of me, it no longer consumes me. I know how sweet life can be on the other side of ED, and I want others that are struggling to know it too. 

I am proud and excited to fuse these experiences into my work as a nutrition and fitness coach. At MOVE 304, we honor the fact that living better is a goal that involves a healthy mind and a healthy body. We know that both start with nutrition and exercise.

We’re here to teach you HOW to eat (not what to eat) and how to get the most effective workout in the time you have available. We’re also here to help you stay accountable, and to support your journey to a better life.

As a coach, I want to help you move better, eat better and ultimately, live better.

I’m here to walk with you on your way to better.

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