Coach Highlight: Jena Fealy

I have always been an athlete.

I grew up playing soccer from a young age into high school. I loved the games and competition, but I hated everything about the training.   

My body hurt. I was depleted and had no comprehension of nutrition. 

As a teenager I was fueled by McDonald’s and Coca-Cola. These eating habits lasted well into my thirties with the occasional fad diet in between. Nothing stuck long term. I always reverted back to my old habits, but this changed when I hit thirty-six. 

I began training my body with CrossFit. Shortly after, I was schooled on nutrition and how it was used in training.  This was a game changer regarding my workouts, shopping at the grocery store and cooking at home. I learned what foods worked for me and what didn’t. My workouts felt better, and overall I felt better. This led me to the decision to become a Level-1 CrossFit Coach in 2018. 

Since then,  I have watched people walk through the door without any knowledge of working out, eating right or moving their bodies in a correct manner. I have seen these people make gains in the gym only to hit a plateau a few months later. This is more common than not and  mostly due to putting little focus on their nutrition. They get frustrated and their knee jerk reaction is to hit the refrigerator to meet up with their lifelong friends. 

Unfortunately, these friends add little or no value to their life.

Why do I know this?

Because I have been one of these people. 

Over the past four years, my nutrition has never been a straight walk from point A to point B. The difference is that I now have the knowledge, tools and foresight to see when things are derailing and take action to get back on track as quickly as possible. 

I want to share the knowledge that I have learned via textbook as well as life. 

I want to share the tools that I now have. 

I want to help those who may feel hopeless or have no idea where to begin with their nutrition and fitness. 

I want them to know that their journey is not one that they must take alone. 

I want to be the support as they lead themselves to find a change that will be manageable throughout their life. 

That’s what my work and the work of MOVE 304 is about: creating change that lasts.

Forever fumbling forward,


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