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Coach Highlight: Jena Fealy

I have always been an athlete. I grew up playing soccer from a young age into high school. I loved the games and competition, but I hated everything about the training.    My body hurt. I was depleted and had no comprehension of nutrition.  As a

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Coach Highlight: Taylor Foster

Long time, no see, huh? It turns out that a somewhat forced hiatus was a better thing than I could have imagined. The opportunity to step back, breathe and re-evaluate is one that we don’t often get in life. The hamster wheel I was running

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Committed to Clean

MOVE 304’s plan to keep our members safe, comfortable and healthy. At MOVE 304, we know firsthand that exercise and nutrition are the strongest defense against illness and chronic disease. Our mission is to create a better tomorrow. To us, that means doing everything we

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